{FIRSTNAME}, your body, mind, and spirit are closely tied in together. Everything affecting one will influence the other two.

And the latest developments in the world have not helped us with any of these. 

We have been pressured by negative energies accumulated in our lives, directly or indirectly. 

And it’s been affecting you, {FIRSTNAME}.

Your visceral instincts are still drawing you to achieve a sense of normality. And it frustrates you when that cannot be achieved.

Now, {FIRSTNAME}, don’t you think I will ever tell you, even for a second, to adapt to this “New Normal,” because I won’t!

However, you need to adapt to the changes your body is requiring you to make.

Your Cosmic Destiny is already leading your subconscious towards the right decisions. 

And you have to let go of your stubbornness and accept them, {FIRSTNAME}.

Once you do, the Universe will grace you with clarity in your decisions and judgments in your life. 

It will enable you to make accurate evaluations of past events.

The bad habits you have been holding on to, {FIRSTNAME}, will be eliminated, one by one.

High cortisol and ghrelin (also called the hunger hormone) levels will lower, enabling you to get back on the right track in your weight journey.

The solution is right in front of you, and your Cosmic Destiny will help you to think deeply, seek the answers within, and achieve the results you’re craving for!

Now, I have to warn you, {FIRSTNAME}...

It will not be easy. It will not be a quick fix.

You’ve been on that path before, and you know it’s not the right one.

So set yourself on the right path with the help of your Cosmic Destiny, and I will be right by your side to guide you.

You will eliminate the stressors in your life. You will regain control of your sleep patterns. 

You will lower those pesky hormones that keep your metabolism slow. And you will achieve your ideal weight.

And, {FIRSTNAME}, you will be more energetic. The life flow you used to have as a kid will return, and you will shine, in and out, in a cosmic burst of energy! 

And all of that will happen because you’re choosing yourself this time!


{FIRSTNAME}, you already know our entire evolution is based on social communion. It is not only the foundation of any society but also the core of our development.

We are not meant to be alone and we spend our lives in search of completeness.

Sometimes we succeed and form strong, everlasting bonds.

Sometimes we don’t and crave closure.

I can see, {FIRSTNAME}, you are going through a challenging period

It seems old problems are resurfacing, even though you might be bottling them up.

The feelings of doubt and loneliness you’re experiencing right now stop you from looking at the future with serenity.

That pressing feeling of disappointment you’re feeling is blocking your energy from revealing your true potential.

But the Universe has a critical message for you, {FIRSTNAME}.

It is closely tied to your Cosmic Destiny. Because you are a spiritual person, you can see beyond the surface.

You have the ability to find the true, deeper meaning of things you hear…

And are able to perceive the subtle nuances in someone’s speech and body language... 

You also have the capacity to analyze them and adapt to anything thrown at you swiftly. 

According to your Cosmic Destiny, {FIRSTNAME}, you can harness your inner wealth and become clear-sighted about events. 

No matter what struggles you’ve faced, you are incredibly close to becoming the most authentic version of yourself. 

One that will attract the right people into your life. One that will help you and those you care about feel welcomed, included, appreciated, and loved

Allow your Cosmic Destiny to guide you, {FIRSTNAME}, and you will be able to understand the people around you fully. 

You will be able to identify emotions, feelings, and personalities in anyone, close to you or not.

This will help you connect with the right people and create strong bonds that will stand the test of time.

Then there will be no more heartbreak, {FIRSTNAME}. It is not meant for you. 

But... all of this will happen IF you choose to follow your Cosmic Destiny. I am right by your side. Let’s walk it together! 


The world seemed to flip upside down these past few months, {FIRSTNAME}. And so did your life, even if it was indirectly

The mind-spirit-body balance we all need in our lives was disrupted

It prevented you from adopting good habits, maintaining your self-discipline, and sticking to healthy eating and regular exercise.

And that’s just counting recent events.

So you’re worried about what’s coming, {FIRSTNAME}, and it’s perfectly understandable

Your life isn’t perfect, and that’s fine. No one’s actually is, no matter what you see in your social feeds.

And that might have triggered you into living your life at an overwhelming pace of high expectations and ambitions, as I’ve seen most of my clients do. It is time for you to reconsider this strategy.

{FIRSTNAME}, everything you are working towards is on the path of being completed; but if you don’t balance it with time to recollect and strategize, it can lead to stress and slow progress

That is caused by every negative thought you accumulate when things don’t work the way you envisioned them when you envisioned them.

These negative thoughts have been causing a plethora of health issues for you:

And that just to begin with, {FIRSTNAME}, because I will not mention here the spike in triggered autoimmune conditions over the past 10 years.

There’s hope though, {FIRSTNAME}!

Returning to a state of peacefulness and acceptance of things you cannot control will enable your health issues to dissipate.

As for what’s coming next, {FIRSTNAME}, the message you are receiving from the Universe right now is of accountability.

Are you not letting go of any habits you know are harmful? Are you constantly saying “tomorrow” to any good habits you should have begun yesterday?

If so, {FIRSTNAME}, it is time for you to find an accountability method and help yourself get back on the right track.

If you truly commit to helping yourself, all that inflammation, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and other health issues you’ve experienced in the past years will disappear

All because when you commit to yourself, you commit to your true Cosmic Destiny

So be hopeful and excited for your future, {FIRSTNAME}! 

I will help you discover precisely how you can fulfill your divine Cosmic Destiny and become the authentic version you were born to be.

Once you do that, you will touch everyone’s lives around you and help create a better, more beautiful, and more conscious world for yourself and your loved ones.


I see you, {FIRSTNAME}...

I see the constant struggle and emotional stress you’re going through while trying to find balance

Juggling between stability and growth is never easy. Taking risks is frightening, especially when it’s not just your wellbeing at stake.

Your desire to thrive, {FIRSTNAME}, and every approach you take is always shadowed by the thought of losing financial security, either for yourself, or your loved ones It’s keeping you in a scarcity mindset, and you know it!

Right now, the Universe has a strong, personalized message for you!

Stop punishing yourself! Stop categorizing things as good, bad, right, or wrong!

It is time for you, {FIRSTNAME}, to take a step back and adjust! 

It might be unpleasant. I know that. 

But this message is being delivered to you now because it’s necessary, {FIRSTNAME}. 

No matter how hard, challenging, or disagreeable it might seem, you need to do it!

Work towards regaining your equilibrium and it will prepare you for the challenges ahead!

Soon, you will be blessed with a vision, {FIRSTNAME}. 

The Universe will shine its blessing upon you and help you visualize the idea, the magical mental image of what you’ve needed most: the solution to one of your most pressing problems.

With it, you will know exactly what to do and how to leverage your existing financial resources so you can create a fountain of abundance for yourself and those you love.

New opportunities are opening up to you {FIRSTNAME}. And they are fully in-sync with your true Cosmic Destiny.

I will help you discover them if you allow me to guide you through this process. 

Your Cosmic Destiny can support you to generate the willpower and initiative to succeed in anything you desire.

With it, your energy will be endless and your ability to manifest will be the key to increasing your wealth and gaining full control of your finances and career.


{FIRSTNAME}, you are concerned about your future, and I completely understand that. We all experience it. But, before giving you the tools you need to cope and overcome that, I believe you should address the root cause of your worries.

Right now, you seem to be torn between doing what you yearn for, and what you’re supposed to do... 

Choosing between them looks like a sacrifice you’re not willing to make… yet!

{FIRSTNAME}, have you ever stopped to wonder why these incredibly personal choices seem so hard to make? 

Most of them come from the deepest parts of your mind and soul, but there’s more…

Think of the last time you had to choose? Think of the last time you watched yourself in the mirror, trying to muster the courage to speak your mind!

It might hurt, {FIRSTNAME}, but I need you to go back to that place and try to pinpoint the reason behind your lack of self-confidence.

Is it caused by some extra pounds? Getting inappropriate feedback on your work in the past? Being left out by your friends from special events? Getting praised for something you did outstandingly, only to later realize it came with strings attached because that person actually needed a “favor”?

There can be more that one reason, {FIRSTNAME}, and a build-up like this can actually break even the strongest of people.

So, are you willing to say “No more!”?  

Because  that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do right now, {FIRSTNAME}.

Soon, the Universe will grace you with one of the most important gifts of all: clarity. 

And if you choose to follow your Cosmic Destiny, you will suddenly understand that rejoicing about your wins doesn’t make you a sore winner. It doesn’t alienate people from your life…

Actually, the opposite happens: you attract the right energies into your life. And it happens on both an earthly and spiritual level.

You are fearful right now, {FIRSTNAME}, and I fully understand you because I was you. 

Yes, some people will exit your life, but that’s because they didn’t belong in it to begin with.

However, after that, you will make the connections you need and reveal hidden messages the Universe is sending you.

But no matter how special this moment of clarity will be, it will also be short.

So, when it comes, you need to be prepared, {FIRSTNAME}!

Take this time to see, observe, and absorb all the information you need. 

Search inside you for those true core values that help you live your life so gracefully.

Because soon you’ll need it, {FIRSTNAME}. 

I will be right beside you to guide you through your life’s true mission, and you will manage to stand up in the light.

And once you do…

Once you follow your true Cosmic Destiny, {FIRSTNAME}, all your wishes, dreams, and hopes will be fulfilled. 

You will no longer struggle with making yourself seen without guilt or fear. 

You will not struggle with money, time, or that selfish feeling you’ve experienced so far because you will gain and give at the same time.

So get ready to set your ambitions high, {FIRSTNAME}! 

Because you will get passionate, ambitious, and even a bit wild! But it will help you grow and manifest your soul’s true mission!

And what better way to follow your Cosmic Destiny than doing what you love, {FIRSTNAME}?