{FIRSTNAME}, your body, mind, and spirit are closely tied in together. Everything affecting one will influence the other two.

And the latest developments in the world have not helped us with any of these. 

We have been pressured by negative energies accumulated in our lives, directly or indirectly. 

And it’s been affecting you, {FIRSTNAME}.

Your visceral instincts are still drawing you to achieve a sense of normality. And it frustrates you when that cannot be achieved.

Now, {FIRSTNAME}, don’t you think I will ever tell you, even for a second, to adapt to this “New Normal,” because I won’t!

However, you need to adapt to the changes your body is requiring you to make.

Your Cosmic Destiny is already leading your subconscious towards the right decisions. 

And you have to let go of your stubbornness and accept them, {FIRSTNAME}.

Once you do, the Universe will grace you with clarity in your decisions and judgments in your life. 

It will enable you to make accurate evaluations of past events.

The bad habits you have been holding on to, {FIRSTNAME}, will be eliminated, one by one.

High cortisol and ghrelin (also called the hunger hormone) levels will lower, enabling you to get back on the right track in your weight journey.

The solution is right in front of you, and your Cosmic Destiny will help you to think deeply, seek the answers within, and achieve the results you’re craving for!

Now, I have to warn you, {FIRSTNAME}...

It will not be easy. It will not be a quick fix.

You’ve been on that path before, and you know it’s not the right one.

So set yourself on the right path with the help of your Cosmic Destiny, and I will be right by your side to guide you.

You will eliminate the stressors in your life. You will regain control of your sleep patterns. 

You will lower those pesky hormones that keep your metabolism slow. And you will achieve your ideal weight.

And, {FIRSTNAME}, you will be more energetic. The life flow you used to have as a kid will return, and you will shine, in and out, in a cosmic burst of energy! 

And all of that will happen because you’re choosing yourself this time!