Virgo (New)

Like its counterparts Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is an earth sign. This lends to a very grounded nature, {FIRSTNAME}.

The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury. This is the thinker planet - the sphere of intelligence itself. 

You may find that you are very drawn to mountains of books, a variety of courses, and various schools of thought.

In love, you require the company of someone who loves these things as much as you do, {FIRSTNAME}. Someone who is ever-searching and ever-learning

However, you may find that you sometimes turn people off by exhibiting a rather cold and calculating exterior. You don’t mean to, it’s just in your nature to appear very serious at times.

This is certainly an earth sign trait. Don’t be afraid to open up to people and show your true colors, {FIRSTNAME}. They’ll love you for it.

In order to attract your soulmate, it’s necessary to offer up a bit of compromise. It can be hard at times for you to accept this, but it’s well within your reach.

You are extremely detail-driven, and like things just so. There’s no exception when it comes to your romantic relationships.

Just remember to ease up a bit. Don’t worry about everything being perfect before you can attract a soulmate into your life. If you don’t go for it now, striking while the iron is hot, it may never happen.

To bring your perfect match to you, remember…

  1. Perfectionism is your downfall. Be a bit more fluid in your words and actions. Allow for some wiggle room.
  2. Don’t waste your time on shallow or mundane things or people. You are here for far more important reasons.

Being of service is one of your many gifts. Learn to use it to lift others up and you’ll find yourself inspired in return.