As a Virgo, you are here to truly do something special in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}! 

Mercury, the ruling planet of your zodiac sign, influences you and energizes you with it’s magic. Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, creating a true intellectual superpower.

The best part about being an Earth sign that’s also connected to the mind is that you have the innate ability to feel, speak, and act from the heart, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re truly the whole package and came here to make some big changes. 

And while some might find Virgos as cold people, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I can see how warmhearted you are. Although you may be a little introverted, that’s all for a reason. 

You came here to serve humanity in a big way. Your intentions are pure, just like the virgin that represents your zodiac sign. You don’t waste time with shallow, meaningless pursuits. If something does not have potential, you would rather work on something or with someone who does. 

Even if you don’t feel that you’ve reached your own potential yet, I’m here to reassure you that you will surpass even your very own high expectations. Your desire for well-done things, your extreme attention to detail, your knack for perfection derives from the passion you have for every project you take on. 

That will all pay off, {FIRSTNAME}, I promise you that! 

You can take on anything: to research, learn, and master anything you become passionate about with the power of Mercury behind you. You do it with such grace and ease that those around you often feel jealous. 


n’t take that to heart too much. With the world-changing mission you came here to accomplish, you can only expect some people to not fully understand -- and that’s okay! 

{FIRSTNAME}, you are one of the most potent signs of the Zodiac. It’s like nothing can stop you…