{FIRSTNAME}, you are literally the embodiment of the spirit as a Taurus. Many people -- including yourself -- do not realize how amazing and beautiful your life can be when you tap into your true sensuality. 

No, I do not mean “sexual” sensuality either (although that is also very helpful to get familiar with in this human experience because it’s directly related to the beautiful process of creation). 

I mean tapping into all of your senses, {FIRSTNAME}. 

If you learn how to use your body as the true vessel that it was always meant to be, you’ll be able to decipher the language that your soul is trying to communicate with. 

In your very near future, I can see you connecting back to the body through yoga and grounding exercises. As an Earth sign, it’s always been important for you to stay grounded, but that doesn’t always mean materially or financially. 

The material world is simply the physical world that you wish to connect to and help others connect to with your natural Venus energy of love and abundance. 

The love that you’ve been longing for is making its way to you in so many forms -- from the soul friends and family that are attracted to your inner beauty to the passions that light your heart up and rake in more abundance than you could have even imagined. 

I can see it now, {FIRSTNAME}! My body is buzzing from the high frequencies rushing through it when I tap into your energetic field. 

You are the magic pebble -- or better said, a boulder with your strong bull energy -- that can create the most wonderful ripple effects in the Universe, {FIRSTNAME}. Your persistence and determination will inspire others to stay true to their course if you can stay true to yours now. 

The future is bright for you and all of your needs will be met!