{FIRSTNAME}, being a Scorpio gives you immense influence in this human experience and you need to use it to your advantage!  

Fun fact: did you know that the most world leaders are actually Scorpios as well?

I can see into your bright future and you’re happily assuming the leadership role. No, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily enjoy the spotlight, but you’re a leader at heart because you hate having other people tell you what to do. 

The fact of the matter is that when I tap into your energetic field to see what you’ve experienced and what your future holds, I can feel that you have strong psychic abilities, {FIRSTNAME}! Scorpio’s have an innate intuition that just won’t let any fallacies slide. 

You have a great detector for lies, mistruths, and those who should be eliminated from your life -- but that’s because you’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons about learning to trust yourself first over others. 

It’s unformatue that you’ve had to deal with betrayals in the past, but your ruling planet Mars gives you the gumption to move forward (even though sometimes you’d like to unleash your personal wrath on them). 

Let me tell you -- if you can learn to trust the Universe to handle your light work, you can use your energy more constructively. It’s time to take your power back now, not later because if you start planting your powerful seeds today, your future is going to blossom! 

To be specific, you’ll have more wealth, abundance, and love flowing freely into your life than ever before. I can feel the happiness exuding from your future self when I tap into your energy and it’s because you decided to trust your gut feelings and follow them before anyone else. 

This has led you on a path to your own divine, spiritual happiness where the Universe has provided for you all of your needs and much more! Remember, it’s more than okay for you to assume the leadership role in your life, {FIRSTNAME}. With Scoprio’s fixed energy, you’re not meant to follow anyone else but yourself and your own beliefs. 

The Universe wouldn’t have supplied you with that energy if it wasn’t meant for you to harness it and use it to your advantage!