Sagittarius (New)

Hello, you fiery Sagittarius! You are indeed a mover and a shaker, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, you are all about expansion and making your own luck.

You enjoy philosophical discussions and pondering on the true meaning of life, {FIRSTNAME}. Those around you are likely impressed with your take on the world.

In love, you crave adventure. You leave no leaf unturned, and are always looking for the next big thing.

However, this can be your downfall at times, {FIRSTNAME}. Not everyone is as exciting (or excited) as you, so you may often feel like the cheese that stands alone. 

As someone who’s ruled by the element of fire, you may find that you have an almost overwhelming amount of energy. This can make your sex drive go into overdrive, so be mindful that you’re not overindulging.

You always look at the big picture, {FIRSTNAME}. When approaching a relationship, you see all sides. This makes you a generous and forgiving lover.

Your energy and lust for life is fun and contagious. This draws people to you like a moth to a flame, {FIRSTNAME}. Just be mindful that you’re drawing the “right” people to you, and you are sure to meet your soulmate in this lifetime.

These three things will help you find that perfect match…

  1. Don’t overdo it. As we mentioned, Sagittarians have a tendency to overindulge - whether it’s food, money, or sex.
  2. Let others in on your adventures. Although you are fiercely independent, it’s also nice to have some company in your many lofty pursuits.

Find an outlet for your physical energy. Once you tap into this, you become a more level-headed, balanced person.