{FIRSTNAME}, you’re a wild one! I can feel your future free spirit beckoning you, inviting you into the next phase of your life where you truly step into your potent Sagittarius nature. 

As a Sagittarius, you naturally have an animalistic side to you that wishes to be integrated into your life. Literally, the symbol that represents your sign is the centaur, which is half man, half beast -- and this is your superpower to explore as you begin to create the bright future that I see ahead. 

{FIRSTNAME}, you have a true calling for doing good in the world. I see that you want to show everyone that it’s okay to let yourself run free at times, but also the strength that it takes to rebalance your life to reach your true goals. 

Not everyone is as strong or as lucky as you, {FIRSTNAME}. The planet that rules over the sign Sagittarius is Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion. Naturally, this energy supports you in all of your endeavors and plays a big part in you tapping into your bright, abundant, higher self. 

You are destined to make a big impact on the lives of others, {FIRSTNAME}. When you begin to follow the beat of your own drum like I see you doing in your near future, you will start to realize that the Universe has always supported your wanderlust because it wants you to touch as many lives as you can in this lifetime from all over the world. 

With your strong belief in humanity, equality, freedom of speech and choice, and balance, you can become an inspiration. You’re a true master teacher, but first and foremost you realize that you’re a student of life and remain open to so many beautiful experiences! 

I really hope that you begin to notice and share your creativity and playfulness with others. This will inspire people from all over the world to just be themselves, too! And these are the soul traits you use to build relationships and communities around you.

If you begin to respect your natural Jupiterian flow of energy, your future is full of travel, love, wealth, and more abundance than you even know what to do with!