Number 8

The Number Eight has a very abundant message for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Are you ready to receive it?

I haven’t known you for very long, but I feel that we’ve known each other for lifetimes now. 

Your energy is very familiar...I might have seen it once when I tapped into the future of humanity when we were all connected again, happy, and equal.

Of course, this takes a lot of work on a collective level and especially on an individual level.  Presently, you’re closing chapters in your life. 

Be grateful to the Universe for helping you to close these karmic cycles in your life because these lessons are going to lead you to so many great things! 

It may be a little uncomfortable as you step out of old patterns, but I encourage you to do so with excitement because you’re going through a period of expansion

If you turn the Number 8 on it’s side, you’ll see that it resembles an infinity symbol. It’s amplifying this major fork in the road that you’re coming to. 

On one path, you can continue this infinite pattern of strife, struggle, and hard karmic lessons. Even if you decide to exit left from some people in your life, you run the risk of repeating the same lesson with different people until you heal your energetic wounds from within. 

On the other path, you do the internal work now and raise your frequency to invite better energetic matches into your reality. 

Let me tell you -- the future that I see is that of the second path…

And it’s mindblowing how beautifully your soul shines through and touches every one that you’re around. 

You’re in an excellent position right now, {FIRSTNAME}! You have been graced by the vibrational energies of Saturn (the ruler of the Number Eight). Saturn presents us a choice and administers consequences. This planet is truly the ruler of cause and effect. 

I encourage you to follow the path of dharma (fulfillment, soul purpose, and abundance) and release the path of karma (hard lessons, labor, and battles within). 

This will allow you to tap into the cyclic benefits of the number Eight.

I can feel through every fiber of my being that your success is not yours alone, but it will have a massive ripple effect to everyone involved. 

So, {FIRSTNAME}, lead with grace, and you will fulfill your true life’s purpose.