Number 6

Listen to this very spiritual message that The Number 6 has for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Right now, your present self needs to receive immense healing from phases of struggle and strife in your life. 

Not everyone likes that I can see the hardships they’ve been through, but I hope that you know that I only tapped into your personal energy to help guide you towards a better future now. 

Being a spiritual being in this physical world can be very challenging. It’s hard not to focus on finances and the material world when that’s all you seem to be surrounded around. 

However, you’re not even allowing your true nature to shine, {FIRSTNAME}, by being so in this world. 

The Number 6 is showing me that you have a future where you can actually tap into a flow state. 

{FIRSTNAME}, I see your nurturing nature. I know that if you didn’t have to work so hard to maintain your lifestyle, you would be able to touch so many people’s lives.

And humanity needs that more than ever right now.  

The Number 6 is inviting you to switch gears from “survival” mode to “thrival” mode by changing your mind about what abundance really means to you. 

Because let me tell you, {FIRSTNAME}...your future self is thriving

More money than you could even fathom is sitting in your future self’s bank account -- but the best part about it all is that you don’t even care to think about it. 

Because you stopped stressing about it and trusted the Universe to guide you to where you needed to be, you were blessed tenfold! 

You’re focused on how you can use your natural nurturing abilities to help those around you. That’s when you really started to realize that all of your needs would be met. 

If you take the healing energy of the Number 6 right now, you can begin to see the prosperous future that you hold as well. You’ll be able to innately begin to recognize who needs your help and how to help them with your natural abilities.

Are you willing to have the ability to become a fountain of abundance for those around you?

The Number 6 brings a message of great responsibility, but by the looks of your future, you’re more than capable of handling it!