Number 5

You wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams what The Number Five has in store for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

BIG, BIG, BIG changes are stirring in The Universe. When I look into your future, I can feel so much love, see so much wealth, and connect with the energy of abundance surrounding you. 

This can be hard to imagine right now, I know…

When Number 5 shows up, that tells me that you’ve had to deal with some instability. Moreover, you have a hard time sticking with one thing long enough to reap the benefits of it

I want you to know that you’re not supposed to. There is NOTHING wrong with you, {FIRSTNAME}, no matter how the current state of society tries to portray the world. 

STOP making yourself feel bad for following your natural sporadic flow of energy. 

You are beautiful now just the way you are and the more that you understand this, the closer you will get to becoming that beautiful glowing future version of yourself. 

Just because other people may be able to maintain their energy or inspiration longer than you, that DOES NOT mean that there’s anything wrong with you. 

You’re a LEADER. 

You’re an INNOVATOR. 


You’re an adventurous soul, {FIRSTNAME}, and your intuitive nature always finds the best opportunities to place you in the perfect, divinely guided positions. 

If you follow your natural energetic rhythm, you’ll be able to unlock your abundant nature because you can pass your ideas onto others. Literally, you’re a BOSS! Not a “worker bee.”

When you help others shine their light, you will receive all of that beautiful dharma back and receive the abundance, too.  

The Number Five is inviting you to tap into the high frequency vibrations that emanate from the bright future ahead of you. It is time for you to take a step back, recollect yourself, and put a different lens on how you view the world.

The Number Five is right now telling you to learn to delegate and collaborate with others so you can lean into your adventurous, creative side! 

Open yourself up to partnerships and you might see yourself reach your goals faster! You’ll soon be able to see your own prosperous future the more that you learn to just be you.

Allow number Five’s vibrations of resourcefulness, flexibility, and wittiness to embrace the drive brought by Mercury, its ruling planet, to help you advance in every area of your life.