Number 3

Wow! The almighty creative Number Three has a time-sensitive message to share with you, {FIRSTNAME}!

Even though you may not feel like it now, your future is very bright. In the next few months, you will begin to thrive and prosper! 

The same message keeps coming to me over and over: just stay the course. 

Life may feel crazy now, but you’re connecting back to your divine inner being and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. 

I can tell that you’ve been consciously working on yourself and it’s about to show! 

Please DO NOT give up now. 

By staying true to your own unique path, you’re going to unlock your ability to truly create the life that you want to live by doing what you love. 

Number Three’s energy is directly tied to luck and good fortune. It’s bountiful, beautiful, and abundant! 

The home you want, will be yours. 

The car you want, will be yours. 

The successful business you desire, will be yours. 

By connecting back to the heart center and following the breadcrumb of messages that The Universe has been leaving you (including this one), your luck is about to take a turn for the better.  

Not only are you blessed, but the Universe is ready to reveal another special tool for you to use -- your sensuality. No, I’m not talking about anything inappropriate either, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re connecting back to the amazing feelings (or signals) that your body sends you when you’re in alignment. 

In this case, you’re extremely tapped into the divine feminine, nurturing energy. I can see you dancing, cooking, laughing, and loving like you never have before! 

Not only does your future self need you to lean into this wholeheartedly, but the world needs you, too. 

Mother Earth can’t be the only giver, nurturer, and support that humanity needs right now. YOU are also a part of this bigger, divine plan and that is why your future shining through so brightly to me right now. 

Once you begin to connect back to your body, your senses, and take action on your intuition, you will lead others to their divine truths as well. 

The Universe will reward you for fulfilling your life’s mission and staying true to yourself!