Oh my goodness, {FIRSTNAME}, you have such a beautiful future ahead of you when you step into your true Libra nature. 

Quite literally, I’ve never seen a future that’s been so pleasing to look into. All of my senses were engaged from my taste, to my smell, and wow… the site was something like I’ve never seen before. 

I can tell that you enjoy the finer things in life. And since your ruling planet is Venus, not only do you easily attract them, but you are here to teach others that their divine birthright is that of luxury and beauty. 

As an air sign, you should know that your mind is your most powerful asset, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re a master manifestor and everything starts in your mind. 

Another superpower of yours is your mouthpiece as well! Charisma flows freely through your veins, making it easy for you to connect with others and truly help them shine their light, too! 

If you study your zodiac sign’s element, air, you will notice that it’s the most noticeable when it’s combined with another element. For instance, the wind can actually be seen rustling through a tree’s earthy leaves. This is a lesson from nature that you can reach your highest potential when you partner with other people with other elements in the zodiac! 

In the future, I can tell that you use the power of Venus to help others connect to their heart centers, see their inner beauty, and shine brightly to create a world that keeps love at the core of everything.

You’re here to raise the vibration of the entire planet, {FIRSTNAME}! When you finally make those meaningful connections, it is powerful.

The passion behind everything you do inspires others to act the same. Keep following your heart and your head and body will not be far behind! In this way, manifesting the life that you want to live will be easy for you -- trust me, I can see you living a life of luxury! 

It is only when you realize your true superpowers from within that you will achieve true happiness and satisfaction in your life by creating it yourself rather than waiting on others to give it to you.