You are a strong one, {FIRSTNAME}! As a Leo, you have the courage of a lion and a mighty roar to match! It’s in your nature to express yourself, but that’s not all…

The future that your guides are revealing to me is as bright as the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo. If you can find your unique creative expression, you will literally attract any and everything that you want. 

Just as our entire solar system revolves around the Sun, you have the ability to have the world revolve around you as well! 

The job you want...it can be yours. 

The financial freedom you want...it can be yours. 

The loving friends that you want...it can be yours. 

All you must do is be you and be you unapologetically! 

Having the Sun’s influence encourages you to use your fiery energy to pave your own way and shine your unique light. No one is you, no one can be you, and your innovation is going to change the world, {FIRSTNAME}! 

What a powerful combination! What a powerful soul you are!

You yearn for new experiences, for vast and in-depth knowledge, for new people in your life, and sometimes… for a bit of spice in your romantic life as well.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to pay attention

As with everything else in your life, there’s not much room for compromise here…

Leo is a fixed sign, so when you have your mind set on something there’s not much that can change it. This brings great strength, persistence, and determination behind your ideas! 

You are a leader. Your charismatic nature makes everyone admire you, follow you, listen to your advice, and get inspired by you.

And while you enjoy being praised most of the time, it also frustrates you when others don’t step up and keep asking for guidance.

That’s why, {FIRSTNAME}, I encourage you to practice patience -- especially in these upcoming months. Not everyone is a natural leader, and some never try to be. That’s why you incarnated here -- to take the lead in these unprecedented times. 

Just as not everyone is supposed to be able to tell the future like I can, I stepped into my role and it’s helped touch many lives. I have the same intuitive feeling for you!