The world seemed to flip upside down these past few months, {FIRSTNAME}. And so did your life, even if it was indirectly

The mind-spirit-body balance we all need in our lives was disrupted

It prevented you from adopting good habits, maintaining your self-discipline, and sticking to healthy eating and regular exercise.

And that’s just counting recent events.

So you’re worried about what’s coming, {FIRSTNAME}, and it’s perfectly understandable

Your life isn’t perfect, and that’s fine. No one’s actually is, no matter what you see in your social feeds.

And that might have triggered you into living your life at an overwhelming pace of high expectations and ambitions, as I’ve seen most of my clients do. It is time for you to reconsider this strategy.

{FIRSTNAME}, everything you are working towards is on the path of being completed; but if you don’t balance it with time to recollect and strategize, it can lead to stress and slow progress

That is caused by every negative thought you accumulate when things don’t work the way you envisioned them when you envisioned them.

These negative thoughts have been causing a plethora of health issues for you:

And that just to begin with, {FIRSTNAME}, because I will not mention here the spike in triggered autoimmune conditions over the past 10 years.

There’s hope though, {FIRSTNAME}!

Returning to a state of peacefulness and acceptance of things you cannot control will enable your health issues to dissipate.

As for what’s coming next, {FIRSTNAME}, the message you are receiving from the Universe right now is of accountability.

Are you not letting go of any habits you know are harmful? Are you constantly saying “tomorrow” to any good habits you should have begun yesterday?

If so, {FIRSTNAME}, it is time for you to find an accountability method and help yourself get back on the right track.

If you truly commit to helping yourself, all that inflammation, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and other health issues you’ve experienced in the past years will disappear

All because when you commit to yourself, you commit to your true Cosmic Destiny

So be hopeful and excited for your future, {FIRSTNAME}! 

I will help you discover precisely how you can fulfill your divine Cosmic Destiny and become the authentic version you were born to be.

Once you do that, you will touch everyone’s lives around you and help create a better, more beautiful, and more conscious world for yourself and your loved ones.