As a Capricorn, life hasn’t been the easiest, {FIRSTNAME}, but your future looks much, much brighter. 

I can feel the pain that you’ve had to endure in your lifetime so far. My heart aches as I know that you had to assume a very responsible role in your life at an early age, almost robbing you of the childhood that would have connected you to the light within -- to your inner child. 

However, Saturn (your ruling planet) teaches us that through responsibility, discipline, and time management, you can achieve anything. These are your strengths and the more that you lean into your structured nature, the more time you will get to explore what connection feels like in the future. 

I can see years and years ahead into a period of life that is blissful, full of meaningful connections, and you’re doing what you love! As the true boss that you are, you’re running your own company and helping to build a legacy that will last lifetimes! 

You hold true wisdom within you, {FIRSTNAME}. Since your childhood hasn’t always been easy, you now have to work twice as hard as others to create time and space for you to explore your emotional world and what lights you up. 

Through that experience, you know that you never want to impose that on other people and it’s really made you into a giving, nurturing person that helps people truly shine their unique light from within. 

Many people cannot read that you’re actually a pretty sensitive person because you’re so good at hiding your emotions to protect yourself, but I can feel that you're longing for true connections. 

{FIRSTNAME}, let me reassure you that your soul family, friends, and loved ones are making their way to you the more that you learn to express the most authentic version of yourself. Just as you're seeking them, they are seeking you, too! But you have to be yourself freely for them to recognize you. 

Your leadership skills are the spark needed by any community you belong to and they will ignite a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

So be that spark, {FIRSTNAME}, because the world needs you now more than ever...