Cancer (New)

Oh, gentle Cancer. Everyone around you is inspired by your sweet nature, {FIRSTNAME}. 

There is something special about you that draws people near. You have an inner light that’s always glowing.

The Moon rules your sign, which lends to your ability to nurture. You are a natural homemaker and love staying in and relaxing. 

Your downfall is in the love department. You tend to love everyone and everything, and are hurt and crestfallen when the love is not reciprocated. 

When this happens, you go into your cancer “shell” and hide away from the world. However, you can’t very well meet your soulmate if you’re hidden away in the shadows, now can you, {FIRSTNAME}?

When you do meet someone who matches the love that you give, you tend to go into protective mode for them, as well. This often scares the other person away, as they may feel that you’re being too clingy and defensive.

So, you must draw a line in the proverbial sand and know your boundaries. You care too much, it’s true, {FIRSTNAME}. 

However, you can certainly attract a soulmate into your life using the many gifts that you have at your disposal.

Here are some tips to follow…

  1. Use your intuition. Ruled by the moon, this is perhaps your most powerful gift. You know, deep down, when it’s working and when it’s not.
  2. Be aware of your emotions and how you’re expressing them. When you’re in a bad mood, others can tell right away. Try not to be too crabby or impatient.
  3. Love with all of your heart. Even if you’ve been hurt before (especially if you’ve been hurt before, {FIRSTNAME}).

Rest assured that right here, right now, you are on the right path to find your soulmate.