Aries (New)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and, as you might imagine, it brings about a very independent energy! 

{FIRSTNAME}, you may find that you are very self-sufficient in relationships, and may even have issues letting other people in. Know that you can trust others, and that trust is the building block of any relationship.

However, keep in mind that you are here to be a leader, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re good at it, and it’s one of your many talents. 

People who come across your path may notice that you like things to be a certain way, and you want results asap. Remember that it’s okay to be patient, and that in being so you’ll attract your perfect mate.

You don’t mind being single but, at the same time, you want to find that perfect match to share your many passions with, {FIRSTNAME}.

It would benefit you to seek out a partner who is self-sufficient, as you don’t like to carry someone else’s load. (And this is okay!)

Just make sure that you respect your own energy, and don’t succumb to “energy vampires” - those who sap you of your precious energy reserves. You are a high-drive individual, {FIRSTNAME} and your soulmate should respect that.

It’s worth noting that Aries is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which has a lot to do with sexual stamina. Finding someone who can keep up with you in that department is crucial, {FIRSTNAME}.

You’ll find that you can attract others to you who are a good match for your energy if you do these three things

  1. Live the life you’re truly meant to live. Once you embrace your fiery drive, your passionate personality, and your ability to lead, [NAME], you’ll find that special someone who’s a true match.
  2. Practice self-love and self-care. Fill your own well first so that you have plenty of yourself to share with others. Avoid burnout at all costs, {FIRSTNAME}.
  3. Surround with those who can stand on their own two feet. Remember, you are very independent, {FIRSTNAME}, and you don’t want anyone to take advantage of that streak.

If you stick to this advice, you will surely be a vibrational match to your soulmate.