Aquarius (New)

As an Aquarius, {FIRSTNAME}, you’re quite the thinker and brooder. 

You’re a humanitarian who likely carries the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Mental connection is very important to you, {FIRSTNAME}, so your ideal mate should be able to keep up with your mental prowess.

You’re one of the rare signs that have two planets that rule you - Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn is like the stern father figure who craves tradition, while Uranus is the rebellious revolutionary who likes to shake things up. 

These two energies work together and level out to lend you a “rebel with a cause” nature. 

You may often find yourself fighting fiercely for what you believe in, {FIRSTNAME}. This includes the area of romance, as well…

You may often feel like a square cog amongst round holes. You are certainly one of a kind, and uniqueness is one of your many gifts.

Therefore, you tend to attract those who don’t fit the mold. The misfits, the revolutionaries, the change-makers. And you wouldn’t have it any other way, {FIRSTNAME}. 

Although you may seem detached at times, you are very committed to the ones you love. It’s opening yourself up to love that you may find challenging at times, {FIRSTNAME}. 

In order to find your true match, remember these three things…

  1. You don’t have to take on the world. Let others help you, and you can better deepen your love relationships for it.
  2. Remember that you are human. There’s a reason it’s called “alien”ation! Allow yourself mistakes in love. 

Get in touch with your emotions. You are prone to overthink - when this happens, it’s best to trust what you’re feeling rather than thinking.