As an Aquarius, you are truly very special, {FIRSTNAME}...

You are ruled by two planets -- traditionally Saturn and modernly Uranus -- giving you a wide range of energies to tap into and utilize to your advantage in the near future. 

More than other people, you have an innate ability to see into the future just like I can, {FIRSTNAME}. As an Aquarius, you’re connected to the Universe itself and all that is. 

Your soul came here to usher humanity into the future where love and light beings just like yourself are the future. 

It can be difficult to want to be here. I can feel this internal struggle that you have with your soul and the reality that surrounds you. Being so connected to what the future holds, but trying to make people understand you in this present moment is a ture challenge. 

However, the lesson here is that you’re not supposed to explain yourself, {FIRSTNAME}. You came here to take inspired action towards creating the future that you would wish to see for all of humanity. 

You’re a true innovator, motivator, and rebel with Uranus supporting you in activating the individuality in yourself and everyone around you. Saturn’s traditional energy also forces you to be very practical in how you can bring your futuristic visions to life in this very reality now. 

{FIRSTNAME}, it’s people like you that give the world hope. As the water bearer of the zodiac, you understand that looking forward and keeping your head up is very replenishing in itself and never let anything keep you down for too long. 

I can see that your future's SO bright because you pour so much of your time and energy into healing others and helping others reach their potential. Through your natural giving nature, the abundance that you're seeking makes its way to you much faster than you would have ever imagined! 

Please lean into your humanitarian energy and follow your soul’s divine path, {FIRSTNAME}. THe world really needs you -- heck, you need you to do what your soul came here to accomplish. This is the only way that you’ll be able to create the life that you truly want to live.

 With your immaculate mind and futuristic ideas, you will reach your full potential!